Group500 Review – What the Start of Your Trading Career Will Be Like with Group500

ByTroy Morris

May 9, 2021

Group500 Review

As a new trader, it is always a worrying thought to start with a new broker. When you are new to the world of trading, or anything in life, every step seems difficult to take. However, if you are patient and ready to gain knowledge from the resources available to you, I can guarantee you that you will not fumble. So, being someone who has been in your shoes a few years ago, I can understand your challenges, and I am here to help you with that. I will provide you with a short review on Group500, which I think proved to be a good broker for me when I was starting.

I will tell you about its features so you understand its offerings. After that, it will be for you to decide whether you are ready to sign up with this broker or continue your search for an even better one.

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Reviewing Group500 – A New Trader’s Experience

·         Start with Ease

The first thing you should look in a broker is the amount of money that you will have to spend before you are even allowed to trade. That’s when you have to look at the trading accounts from the broker. If you have picked the right broker, you will not find it hard to enter the world of trading. In the case of this broker, I can tell you that you have enough options to pick one from. Since I am focusing on new traders and their experience with Group500, I would recommend Silver account to you. This is the first account from this broker and one that you can start with only a small amount of $10,000.

With this amount, you will be ready to trade just like any other trader in the world. There are some brokers that will let you start with an even smaller amount. However, the issue with that approach is that your progress is extremely slow. Imagine the amount or profit you can make on a trade that costs you no more than $100. You will take more years than you think to become the trader that you have always dreamed about.

·         Proper Training and Education

The lack of confidence in new traders comes from the fact that they don’t know everything. When you don’t know something, you are always fearful about it. So, when you start trading, you really don’t know what the nature of the beast is. In this particular case, the broker will provide you with all the education and training that you need to become a trader. There is an education center that you will get access to when you sign up with the broker. Furthermore, the broker has also arranged for one-on-one training for every trader. That’s something you usually get for an additional amount with other brokers.

Last but not least, the broker is providing you with trading signals as well, even when you sign up with the most basic account with it. These signals come directly from the VIP desk, so you can trust them.

·         Secured Funds and Information

Your money and information aren’t going anywhere when you sign up with this broker. This is the factor that gave me relief when I signed up with it. I finally found a broker that was following the proper protocols of the industry for the benefit of the traders. So, when I look at this broker, I know it is going to protect my information through encryption as soon as I enter that information on its website. In addition to that, I can tell you that the broker is securing all your money in segregated funds. That’s one of the best practices that brokers should be following all around the world.

Fortunately, this broker takes care of all these important matters only so its traders can feel safe while trading on its trading platform.

·         Web Trader with Many Asset Classes

I know I am combining two different factors here but that will help you get more information in little time. As soon as you sign up with Group500, you will have access to assets like silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. You will be trading the stocks of the biggest companies of the world like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, etc. You can trade these stocks in the form of buckets by trading indices. The broker has also given you access to forex currency pairs, where you will find not only major currency pairs but the exotic and minor ones as well.

You will be amazed to know that all of these assets are available for trading from the same trading platform, which you can use on any of your devices. It is a web-based trader that will run on your browser regardless of the operating system on your device.

·         No Extra Expenses

The biggest challenge for a new trader is the amount of money he/she has. When you sign up with your first broker for the first time, you don’t have a lot of money in your account. That was the case with me as well. However, Group500 was able to make me feel comfortable through a lot of amazing features. First of all, if you go with the right account, you don’t have to pay anything on your withdrawals or swaps. You have an account manager to help you with your account-related queries.

Final Thoughts

I know when I talk about this broker, I am talking about someone who is willing to help you as a trader in every form. If you don’t know, Group500 will be providing you with 24/7 customer support. Doesn’t it feel nice to have your broker by your side at any given moment? Learn from the training material, get help from the trading signals, pick your favorite assets, and then trade with peace of mind that your money and information are protected. Isn’t that what a perfect trading experience look like? So, if you are after that trading experience, I think Group500 should definitely be one of your considerations.

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