Alcoa Stock Recovers from Post-Earnings Fall: Should You Buy?

ByDawn Pipkin

May 1, 2022
  • Alcoa Corporation’s share has declined by nearly 25% within a month.
  • Earnings miss contributed to this weakness.
  • Alcoa sees recovery but is still worth a wait.

Market participants seemed less impressed when Alcoa Corporation revealed its 2022 Q1 earnings nearly one week ago. $3.29 billion in revenues was lower than the $3.46 billion that investors expected. However, it exceeded last year’s $2.87 billion.

Nevertheless, the quarter’s $3.06 EPS surpassed the $2.86 expectations and last year’s $0.79. Experts trust the quarter outcomes were attractive enough to authorize dip-buying, and here’s more backing.

Timna Tanners presented an outshine rating on Alcoa, targeting price levels of $102 following the quarterly earnings outcome. He stated that increased global costs and the absence of a new supply supported aluminum prices.

The company had similar speculations, stating that it envisions increased price in Q2. Meanwhile, it warned that heightened energy and material costs might moderately offset the additional returns. Tanner added that market players are attentive to miners’ names, such as Alcoa, as far as inflation hedges are concerned.

With its 25% monthly drop, Alcoa boasts a lucrative risk & reward ratio on a purchase to past levels. The stock would receive a boost from structural demand for miners’ products. Nevertheless, the stock has recovered 4% within five days. That makes the shares an attractive buy.

Technical Analysis

The technical outlook shows Alcoa stock exhibits bearishness after the earnings. The dropped emerged after hitting the $97 overbought area. Nevertheless, analysts observed further dips from the current level of $67 to the potential support at $55.

Market players should wait for the ongoing decline to end to buy lower. Meanwhile, where can you buy the asset? You require a reliable and low-fee trading platform to invest without hurdles.

That means researching a legit platform before trusting any broker/exchange with your money. Some of the trusted networks include bitFlyer and Etoro. Further research is essential for profitable undertakings.

Final Thought

Alcoa stock has seen declines this month. The missed earnings amplified the company’s weakness. Nevertheless, the Alcoa stock awaits an upsurge as Wall Street keeps a buy rating. Interested investors can consider buying it near the $55mark.

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