Indian AI Startup Acquired by Coinbase for Customer Support’s Improvement

ByEdward Thompson

Nov 6, 2021

When it comes to gaining vast adoption and making a huge name in the cryptocurrency industry, Coinbase is the exchange that has undergone tremendous changes. The exchange has been making the effort of earning itself the title of being the largest cryptocurrency exchange.

This is the reason why the exchange has been making sure it fully adheres to and goes through all the changes it needs to undergo to make it suitable for investors.

When it comes to taking an organization or firm to the top level, then it means that a firm should have top-class customer support. Therefore, Coinbase has been making the effort of offering just that to the investors.

Initially, Coinbase did try and offer its users real-time customer support. Unfortunately, the customer support it had put together was not up to the mark and was not able to offer what Coinbase had expected from its customer support.

Therefore, Coinbase went on to explore more options and possibilities of improving its customer support. Just recently, Coinbase has made an announcement in regards to the improvement of its customer support.

Just recently, Coinbase has started expanding its services and protocols throughout the Indian soil. However, instead of offering to India, the exchange has also decided to gain from it.

This is the reason why the exchange has recently announced that it has acquired a new startup that is based in India. It was on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, when Coinbase made it official that it had acquired Agara.

It is a support platform startup that uses artificial intelligence technology for providing customer support. At present, Agara has its operations being offered both in the United States and India.

With the acquisition of Agara, Coinbase is aiming to introduce a lot of advancement in the customer support sector. It is aiming to introduce automation and artificial intelligence for its customer support department. The firm is going to deploy the machine learning protocol for the clients as well as introduce language processing tools.

Furthermore, Agara will be passing on all the information, technology, and expertise it has in the artificial intelligence sector over to the engineers at Coinbase.

This goes to show that Coinbase already considers India as one of the major hubs for its expansion. At present, India is a neutral market where both Binance and Coinbase are aiming to gain ground.

Binance has already made its move by gaining the support of WazirX in India. WazirX is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in India at present and it is backed by Binance. There are possibilities that Binance may end up acquiring WazirX and occupy most of the crypto-ground in the country.

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