IGC Markets Review – Is It a Reliable Broker?

ByDawn Pipkin

Sep 19, 2021

IGC Markets Review

IGC Markets logoDo you want to venture into the cryptocurrency market? Indeed, online trading has seen a boom since 2021 started. That was due to the high returns that market players enjoy. If you think it’s that time you join the craze, you might not be alone. The best thing is that this financial sector is open to everybody. The COVID-pandemic forced governments to place lockdowns globally.

With that, most individuals stormed the financial markets, finding ways to earn money while at home. That had brokerages’ demand surging. Keep in mind that online brokers like IGC Markets help financial traders access the market and enjoy money-making activities. Indeed you will encounter many brokers when selecting the one that will satisfy you.

This IGC Markets review highlights the features boasted by dependable brokerage platforms. You may notice that most brokerages in the financial space offer similar investments services. That makes it challenging to pick a reliable option. However, you can find a broker that will meet your trading expectations and investment desires.

You will have to read brokerage reviews and testimonies from experienced traders before finding your suitable broker.

IGC Markets home page
What’s IGC Markets?

IGC Markets is a renowned brokerage firm accepted by many online investors due to its favorable trading conditions. It is the dealer you need to interact with for cryptocurrency trading and forex trading. The investment company has been in the trading industry for some time. With that, the dealer has the experience to guarantee its clients money-making undertakings.

The developers seem to understand what online brokers need to maximize their returns. Keep in mind that trading firms differ in various ways. That is why experts insist that you research to find your desired option.

Meanwhile, you will meet many trading sites claiming to offer the best solutions. However, most of them prove empty promises as they fail to deliver the claims. You have to overlook this factor if you want to smoothen your experience as a trader.

A brokerage might work for someone else but reap your losses. That is because traders, as brokers, have their unique trading wants. This article highlights how IGC Market sets an example of a reliable firm in the financial space.

The Broker’s Mission

Experts and analysts in the financial space joined hands to establish IGC Market. That was an attempt to solve the issues that investors face while on their online trading game. Their professionals seem to boost top-notch experience and knowledge, providing the guidance that new traders need.

If you are interested in a dedicated online trading atmosphere, IGC Markets has tried to house all investors. The platform has money-making tools designed to amplify your earnings. Rather than centering its services on your investments, this broker aims to create a trading profile and reputation for investors to make their business decisions in days to come.

IGC Markets Features

Trading Accounts

You will notice that most online brokers have five account options for their clients. However, with further research, you will meet brokerage companies that have more account types. As a rule of the trading game, you should prefer versatility. Make sure to select a broker that will offer you multiple features. After all, why should you stress yourself with the many solutions available today?

Many account options guarantee you the convenience you need as an online investor. You will find interacting with financial instruments easy since the accounts suit different trading levels. If you have entry skills, you may start with the low account option and rise through the ranks as you gain experience. IGC Markets ensure that you have all that you need in one platform.

The brokerage firm has seven accounts for its customers. Remember, the available options differ from each other in various ways. Most trading firms with limited account options make it challenging to select your best alternative.

For instance, a Basic account from a firm offering three trading accounts can be challenging than the same account type from a broker with seven account solutions. That is because brokerages with fewer options tend to compress all features, making the platforms complicated for newbies.

Besides the low deposit ($250) to start your online trading career, IGC Markets ensure that you enjoy unique and lucrative services regardless of the account option you select. Even with your Basic Account, you will access most features that traders with Standard Accounts enjoy. You can trade the financial market of your choice with this broker.

Moreover, the platform attracts many investors since they do not incur commission charges regardless of the account they choose. However, you cannot access daily market reports from technical and fundamental analysis with the Basic Option. The best thing is that you have six more account options at your disposal.

IGC Markets Trading Accounts
Web-Based Trading Platform

To ensure a user-friendly, stylish, yet easy to use platform, IGC Market created a trading platform designed for new traders. Keep in mind that some brokerage firms offer trading sites that are too advanced for newbies. IGC Markets aims to fill that gap. Indeed you will hardly enjoy lucrative activities if your brokers center their services to experienced traders.

With this broker, you can enjoy the flexibility of a web-based trading platform. That means you can trade without hurdles using your Android device, iPad, iPhone, PC, and MAC. Do you want that controllability? The best thing is that the trading platform is easy to use, even for new investors.

You might have heard about the web-trader, the trading platform that requires no downloads to utilize. However, how is the web-trader different from the one that necessitates installation?  The best thing about the web-based platform is that it ensures flexibility.

However, the downloadable sites have some deprivation. For instance, phone software only performs on a mobile phone. Though, the safety software won’t run on a PC. However, the Web-Trader allows you to access the market regardless of your device. There is no such thing as restriction with this trading platform.

Moreover, most online traders do not enjoy downloading trading software. If you are among them, IGC Markets is at your service. Keep in mind that this trading platform has existed for more than one decade in the financial industry. Web-Trader has ensured protected and secure trading solutions to online investors.

With this solution, you will access money-making features like price alerts, trading graphs, charts, market news, and more.

IGC Markets Web-Based Trading Platform
Epitome Trading Conditions

As an online trader, you have to tolerate the trading conditions of your broker once you register your account. Keep in that the available investment conditions will determine your progress or failure in the financial industry. I hope this does not discourage you in any way. However, your market experience highly depends on these conditions. Brokers aim to ensure a pressure-free environment for online investors.

So, what should you do? Firstly, confirm the spreads needed for you to execute your trades. Spread refer to the variance in asset’s value from brokers and the one from free markets. The difference always exists, and it helps brokerages make money.

Remember, the trading platform has the power to decide the spread or commission charge for you to undertake your trading activities. In that context, IGC Markets has variable spreads depending on your account type.

That way, the broker aims to solve the needs of its target market, making investors’ life easy. If you select the Basic Account, you will trade with as low as 0.1 pips on spreads. That is way low compared to what other companies charge. Moreover, you will enjoy leverage. Also, IGC Markets offers varying investment leverages depending on account types.

For instance, the Standard Account has its trading leverage standing at 1:100. That is a somewhat high margin for new traders. That means that the firm contributes $100 for each $1 that a trader spends. However, IGC Markets went the extra mile, offering 1:600 leverage if you opt for the Advanced Account.

IGC Markets Epitome Trading Conditions
Adherence AML and KYC Protocols

When trading with IGC Markets, you will be interacting with a regulated trading platform that guarantees ethical investments. The brokerage firm ensures that traders invest in a minimal risk environment. It is without a doubt that you want your sensitive info and funds in safe hands. That is what IGC Markets promises its target market.

The brokerage firm watches clients’ identification data and transaction information, depending on the AML and KYC guidelines. Though some investors find identity verification tedious, it helps improve online safety. That mitigates the dangers related to online thefts, money laundering, and financial fraud.

Customer Support

IGC Markets provides its customers with 24-hour customer support five days per week. If you encounter challenges when trading, you can reach out to support for assistance. With this brokerage firm, you have the chat or email option to contact the support team. You can question them about their services, investors’ benefits, and anything to clarify their credibility.

Final Thought

True enough, the journey to find a reliable broker is full of ups and downs. You have to research many brokerage companies to find what suits your financial wants. With due diligence, you can find reliable online investment platforms like IGC Markets. The broker aims to ensure the best services to online traders with its investment services. The review above has what you need to know about the broker when making your online trading decisions.

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