The developing consensus among investment banks like Goldman Sachs want recognition of the opportunities related to the surging cap of Metaverse and top projects in this sector. The banking giant estimates Metaverse monetization to hit $8 trillion within the coming years. Here are some of the factors contributing to the optimistic forecast.

First and foremost, experts expect the digital economy scope to experience rapid growth within the coming months and years, projecting a more than 25% increase in the global market. Secondly, Metaverse ensures optimal conditions for extensive digital coins’ usage, such as BTC, ETH, XRP, and NFTs. Therefore, stable growth in such crypto industry facets will mean increased investment demand from Metaverse projects.

Thirdly, Metaverse supports the integration of interests by various stakeholders’ groups, including cryptocurrency enthusiasts, professional investors, and online gamers. Integrating their efforts might lead to rapid growth in the overall cap of Metaverse and associated digital projects.

Goldman Sachs’ expert predicts the expected Metaverse cap to range between $2 and 12 trillion, with $8 trillion being the realistic target. Other investment banks like Bank of America and Morgan Stanley also formed similar assessments.

Their experts believe the Metaverse sector boasts a multi-trillion potential will multiple opportunities for long-term market players to access beyond average profits. Meanwhile, the ongoing market instability implies high investment risks for near-term players. For that reason, investors should develop strategies to achieve their desired profits will minimal related risks.

Though the metaverse space has the potential to achieve its development consensus and expected market cap, there are various views when it comes to more profitable assets and projects in this sector.

For instance, experts perceive MANA and SAND as the most lucrative metaverse projects with substantial expansion and growth possibilities. Nevertheless, their high competition and innovativeness might support the overall metaverse market development.

The market forecast and official position by Goldman Sachs experts might significantly impact investors’ demand as far as Metaverse tokens, digital infrastructure, and projects are concerned in the future. Meanwhile, monetization and revenues should reflect positive forces. That would shape the cryptocurrency environment and different global economic sectors.

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