Crypto Trading Site Orion Terminal Connects With Binance Bridge

ByTroy Morris

May 24, 2021

With the help of Binance Bridge, Orion Terminal users can now perform trading on the Ethereum Ecosystem with settlements on the Binance Smart Chain.

The Decentralized Exchange system Orion protocol issued an announcement mentioning the integration of Binance Bridge on its trading terminal using Orion Bridge. This connection allows Orion users to do trading easily and efficiently on the Ethereum Ecosystem without having to worry about the absurd network fees and mediocre latency.

Binance Bridge basically opens a gate to cross-chain liquidity coming from other types of Blockchains. This gate connects different blockchains to the Binance Chain and Binance dApps. This allows for a huge variety of new opportunities for everyone. Binance Smart Chain has a lot of projects on itself, and the number of new projects keeps growing as time passes, but these projects are not using Binance Bridge, so users have to use other external Bridges having many additional steps to set up cross-chain trade.

Importance of Integrating Binance Bridge

Orion Protocol did not integrate Binance Bridge just to enable cross-chain trading. This Integration also helps improve the interoperability between Ethereum and the Binance ecosystem. Many other exchanges are also working to enable cross-chain trade, but Orion Protocol is the first one that has taken a great step towards cross-chain trade, working with Binance Smart Chain to bring many benefits to its users.

The connection to Binance Bridge will give Orion users a ton of flexibility and accessibility because trading will be very affordable and beneficial as ERC-20 tokens will be available to trade without the worry of latency and ETH network fees. Aside from these benefits, order execution times will also become nearly half than before, increasing transaction speeds. The integration of Binance Bridge will also enable the support for native tokens such as LTC, BTC, and many others, letting users trade these native tokens directly on the terminal via Metamask extension.

Orion Network Expansion

This is not the only connection that Orion has planned. Using Orion Bridge, the Orion protocol aims to construct bridges connecting to different types of chains, helping its users to gain the ability to do cross-chain trading of assets on different chains with ease. Orion has also started the integration with assets like Cardano, Fantom, Polkadot, Avalanche, Elrond, HECO, and many others, giving its users a ton of great trading options and opportunities.

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