Cardano Node’s New Version AlonzoBlue 2.0 Is Now Out

ByTroy Morris

Jun 19, 2021

The Cardano Node’s latest version, AlonzoBlue 2.0, has now officially been made available. This new node had been released to the testnet, something that many would consider a key milestone for Alonzo as well as Charles Hoskinson’s Cardano project.

IOHK, the development and research company responsible for much of Cardano’s success, has played a pivotal role in consistently developing Cardano’s blockchain platform for a while now. The IOHK team had hence rather appropriately been the ones to release the aforementioned AlonzoBlue 2.0 onto the testnet.

Important update included

The AlonzoBlue update also includes a key update of CLI (Command Line Interface), in addition to providing the foundation upon which all future varieties of the smart contract applications for Cardano shall be unleashed. However, it is still very much an ‘early code’ as far as the overall infrastructure is concerned.

Furthermore, the update shall also enable users to successfully connect the metadata of the smart contract transactions in-store executable as well as on-chain contract data. By doing this, a whole new plethora of opportunities and possibilities for Cardano and the era of its smart contracts will be opened up to be utilized by the 1st SPOs (Stakepool operators). The individuals who shall begin testing and sending simplified smart transactions towards the distributive ledger via the Alonzo node will also be able to take advantage of AlonzoBlue 2.0. Moreover, the SPOs shall be granted a day to update all of the nodes prior to running the initial test scripts.

A huge milestone for Cardano

With the release of AlonzoBlue 2.0, Cardano has taken a huge step in the right direction as it looks towards being able to successfully finish the launch of the Alonzo platform. The actual full launch is anticipated to arrive later on in the year, which will also make the development of DeFi applications and protocols all the easier and more accessible.

Additionally, the developers hope that the problems faced in the past by Ethereum’s blockchain network can be avoided. Among these, the one issue that the developers are particularly concerned with is that of the fees, as ideally, the team would not the fees to reach ridiculous heights like what had transpired with Ethereum. Lastly, it is expected that the actual implementation of the project in its totality shall take a few more months than what might have been originally thought.

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