BitPay Reportedly Forms a Partnership with 1inch Network

ByEdward Thompson

Sep 1, 2021

BitPay has reportedly formed a partnership with 1inch, which is a prominent DEX aggregator. Following the partnership between both the firms, 1inch’s DEX aggregator utility will be integrated into the BitPay platform.

BitPay had previously announced how much it wanted to facilitate its users when it came to providing them with liquidation resources. The executives revealed that they wanted to provide multiple resources for liquidity to their users, and were making the effort to do it.

Therefore, BitPay has finally made the announcement that it has integrated a 1inch aggregator into its platform. This would do exactly what BitPay always aimed to provide its users to make their lives much easier and trades more convenient.

BitPay currently exists as one of the largest cryptocurrency payment service providers as well as the service provider for Bitcoin payments.

Now that 1inch has been integrated into BitPay, the users at the exchange would be able to access all the functionalities and services that are available through the 1inch platform.

The BitPay users would be able to access all these features, services, and functionalities through the wallet powered by the BitPay platform itself. Both firms made an official announcement around the matter through a press release.

With the new utility added to the platform, the users at BitPay would be able to leverage from the profitable rates that the platform providers during the swapping of cryptocurrencies.

Through the platform, the users would be able to swap even major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) through the BitPay wallet. For now, BitPay has hinted that this swapping utility may be available for users that are using Google Pay, Apple Pay, and BitPay Card to buy cryptocurrencies.

The integration of the 1inch platform on BitPay would also ensure that the users will have access to extremely fast transactions and the best rates offered at any exchange.

With the new utility added to BitPay, the users can experience and enjoy convenient and outstanding trades for cryptocurrencies. BitPay has revealed that over the course of time, it will continue adding more items, products, and services to its platform for the users.

According to BitPay executives, 1inch Network is one of the most prominent and highly convenient aggregators in the crypto-verse. It is able to provide the best price rates for digital assets and provides multiple resources for liquidation to the users.

It has only been a couple of years since 1inch has been launched in the crypto-blockchain industry. Since its launch, several blockchains have integrated it into their platforms. Some of the major platforms include Polygon, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and many other blockchains.

As the decentralized finance sector is constantly growing in size and more rally is coming towards it, the DeFi protocols are constantly moving to convenient and fasts solutions.

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